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60-Day Workout Program

Frustrated with your body or uncertain how to master habits for a healthy lifestyle?  This course will not only leave you stronger, more mobile, and looking great, but also empower you to lead a healthy lifestyle. Over 60 days, you’ll practice and master simple yet purposeful bodyweight strength movements that build physical strength and increase confidence from body mastery. You’re set up for success with calisthenics movements that can be adjusted for any level, and delivered in manageable chunks along with simple and powerful secrets for nutritional health and a top performer mindset. 

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Be healthy

We will help you lay the groundwork to make healthier decisions by identifying and setting achievable goals, creating routines, providing nutritional guidance, and much more!

Be strong

You will increase strength and improve mobility by learning and practicing functional and purposeful bodyweight and calisthenics movements that can be done anywhere, anytime!

Be you

Put yourself first and feel empowered to lead a healthy lifestyle!

What's included?

  • Live assistance to help you learn and improve basic bodyweight movements
  • Expertly crafted workouts
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Progress assessments
  • Goal identification and setting
  • and much more!
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About Mekanix

At Mekanix, we create well-rounded fitness experiences through our premiere coaching, programming, and tight-knit community.  We are Texas’s only gym focused on calisthenics, a time-tested form of body weight training that provides superior strength, mobility and flexibility training. Calisthenics provides a powerful pathway to exploring your body’s physical (and mental) capabilities and a lifetime of physical fitness.

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